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Bernaus, M. Moore, and A. Azevedo Affective factors influencing plurilingual students' acquisition of Catalan in a Catalan-Spanish bilingual context. Modern Language Journal 91 , — Bernhardt, E. If reading is reader-based, can there be a computer-adaptive test of reading? Cambridge: Cambridge University.

A psycholinguistic perspective on second language literacy. AILA Review 8, 45— Berninger, V. Richards Brain Literacy for Educators and Psychologists. Berns, M. Hasebrink Bernstein, R. Praxis and Action. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press. Bernsten, J. Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development 19 2 , 93— Berry, R. Hudson Besnier, N. The linguistic relationships of spoken and written Nukulaelae registers. Language 64, — A direct realist view of cross-language speech perception. Strange Ed.

Timonium, MD: York Press. Bhatia, V. Genre analysis, ESP and professional practice. English for Specific Purposes 27, — Genres in conflict. Analyzing Genre: Language in Professional Settings. Bhimji, F. Bialystok, E. Consequences of bilingualism for cognitive development. Kroll, and A. De Groot Eds. Bilingualism in Development: Language, Literacy and Cognition. Symbolic representation and attentional control in pragmatic competence. Kasper, and S. Blum-Kulka Eds. Communication Strategies. Craik, R. Klein, and M. Viswanathan Bilingualism, aging and cognitive control: Evidence from the Simon Task.

Psychology and Aging 19, — Biber, D. Corpus-based analyses of discourse: Dimensions of variation in conversation. Bhatia, J. Flowerdew, and R. Jones Eds. London: Routledge. University Language.

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Stance in spoken and written university registers. Journal of English for Academic Purposes 5, 97— Dimensions of variation among 18th century registers. Diller, and M. Gorlach Eds. Heidelberg: C. Reprinted in Conrad and Biber , pp. On the complexity of discourse complexity: A multidimensional analysis. Discourse Processes 15, — Reprinted in Conrad and Biber, , pp.

Variation across Speech and Writing. A textual comparison of British and American writing. American Speech 62, 99— Spoken and written textual dimensions in English: Resolving the contradictory findings. Language 62, — Barbieri Lexical bundles in university spoken and written registers. English for Specific Purposes 26, — Burges Historical change in the language use of women and men: Gender differences in dramatic dialogue.

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Journal of English Linguistics 28, 21— Clark Historical shifts in modification patterns with complex noun phrase structures: How long can you go without a verb? Fanego, M. Lopez-Couso, p. Perez-Guerra Eds. Connor, and T. Upton Conrad in press. Register, Genre and Style. Conrad, and V. Cortes If you look at …: Lexical bundles in university teaching and textbooks.

Applied Linguistics 25, — Conrad, and G. Leech Conrad, and R. Reppen Corpus-based approaches in applied linguistics. Applied Linguistics 15, — Davies, J. Jones, and N. Tracy-Ventura Spoken and written register variation in Spanish: A multidimensional analysis. Corpora 1, 7— Finegan Diachronic relations among speech-based and written registers in English. Nevalainen, and L. Kahlas-Tarkka Eds. Helsinki: Societe Neophilologique. Finegan Eds. Sociolinguistic Perspectives on Register. Finegan a. Drift and the evolution of English style: A history of three genres.

Language 65, — Finegan b. Styles of stance in English: Lexical and grammatical marking of evidentiality and affect.

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Text 9, 93— Adverbial stance types in English. Discourse Processes 11, 1— Hared Linguistic correlates of the transition to literacy in Somali: Language adaptation in six press registers.

Biber, and E. Dimensions of register variation in Somali. Language Variation and Change 4, 41— Johansson, G. Leech, S. Conrad, and E. Merging corpus linguistic and discourse analytic research goals: Discourse units in biology research articles. Corpus Linguistics and Linguistic Theory 1, — Kurjian Towards a taxonomy of web registers and text types: A multidimensional analysis. Hundt, N. Nesselhauf, and C. Biewer Eds. Amsterdam: Rodopi.

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What does frequency have to do with grammar teaching? Studies in Second Language Acquisition 24, — Dimensions of register variation in Spanish. Parodi Ed. Bickerton, D. The language bioprogram hypothesis. Behavioral and Brain Sciences 7, — Roots of Language. Dynamics of a Creole System.

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Odo Change and Variation in Hawaiian English. Billmyer, K. Penn Working Papers in Educational Linguistics 62, 31— Birdsong, D. Metalinguistic Performance and Interlinguistic Competence. New York: Springer Verlag. Black, P. Harrison, C. Lee, B. Marshall, and D. Wiliam Working inside the black box: Assessment for learning in the classroom. Phi Delta Kappan 86 1 , 8— Blackledge, A. Imagining a monocultural community: Racialization of cultural practice in educational discourse.

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  7. Journal of Language, Identity and Education 2 4 , — Bland, S. Noblitt, S. Armington, and G. Gay The naive lexical hypothesis: Evidence from computer-assisted language learning. Modern Language Journal 74, — Computer-mediated communication: A window on L2 Spanish interlanguage. Bley-Vroman, R. What is the logical problem of foreign language learning?

    Gass, and J. Schachter Eds. Loschky Grammar and task-based methodology. Crookes Eds. Block, C. Parris Eds. New York: Guilford. Block, D. Second Language Identities. London, UK: Continuum. Cameron Globalization and Language Teaching. Blommaert, J. Language planning as a discourse on language and society: The linguistic ideology of a scholarly tradition. Language Problems and Language Planning 20, — Bloomfield, L. Outline guide for the practical studies of foreign languages. Baltimore: Linguistics Society of America. Blum-Kulka, S. Learning to say what you mean in a second language: A study of speech act performance of learners of Hebrew as a second language.

    Applied Linguistics 3, 29— House, and G. Kasper Eds. Cross-Cultural Pragmatics: Requests and Apologies. Norwood, NJ: Ablex. Olshtain Too many words: Length of utterance and pragmatic failure. Studies in Second Language Acquisition 8, — Bock, J. Meaning, sound and syntax: Lexical priming in sentence production. Bock, K. Levelt Language production: Grammatical encoding.

    Gernsbacher Ed. The measurement of state and trait motivational orientation: Refining our measures. De Bruyn, and C. Bergen Eds. Boggs, S. Bohnacker, U. Nonnative acquisition of Verb Second: On the empirical underpinnings of universal L2. Tortora Eds. Bolinger, D. Meaning and memory. Forum Linguisticum 1, 2— Language policy in the Seychelles and its consequences. International Journal of the Sociology of Language , 85— Bolt, P. Kingsley The international corpus of English in Hong Kong. Bolton, K. Hong Kong English: Autonomy and creativity [Special issue].

    World Englishes 19 3. Booth, R. Davison Relating to our worlds in a psychobiological context: The impact of disclosure on self-generation and immunity. Wilce Ed. Lafayette Effects of multimedia courseware subtitling on the speaking performance of college students of French. Modern Language Journal 78, 61— Borsley, R. Syntactic Theory.

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    muslim boyfriend gay dating Concord Canada Muslim boyfriend gay dating Concord Canada
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